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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have an alarm system, you are required by the City of Montebello to have an alarm permit and renew it on an annual basis. 

Over 95 percent of the alarm signals in Montebello are false. Responding to false alarms is a huge resource burden for the Montebello Police Department and takes officers away from responding to actual emergency situations. In an effort to make alarm users aware of this problem and mitigate the incidence of false alarms, Montebello has enacted a False Alarm Ordinance (Municipal Code Title 8, Chapter 8.24). The Ordinance requires that all owners of an active alarm system (both residential and business) obtain and maintain an annual permit and pay fines to the City for excessive false alarm activity.

Initial Registration / Residential & Commercial : $75

Renewal Fee / Residential & Commercial : $54

Senior Registration / Renewal Fee (65 and older): $25

Permit Period : Permit is valid for one (1) year from the issue date

Permit Transfer : All permits are non transferable from one location to another or one person to another. Exception should be made in case of transfer to immediate family member if the permit holder is deceased

Exempt Locations : Government entities, including but not necessarily limited to the City, County, State, Federal and Public Schools are exempt from all provisions of the ordinance

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Billing Type

False alarms are accumulated within a 12 month permit year based on the start and expiration date.

Burglary / Robbery / Panic

Residential / Commercial - Permit Holder:

1st and 2nd FA: No charge

3rd FA and onwards: $304 each

“False alarm” means an alarm signal activated from any alarm system that is responded to by personnel of the police department or fire department and for which no emergency situation exists or existed as determined by the responding personnel. A false alarm does not include an alarm for which personnel of the police department or fire department do not actually arrive at the alarm location, or any alarm caused by earthquakes, severe storms or other extraordinary circumstances determined by the alarm administrator to be clearly beyond the control of the alarm subscriber. 

Yes. Anytime there is a change in ownership of the alarm system, a new alarm permit is required. Exception should be made in case of transfer to immediate family member if the permit holder is deceased.

No, you will never be charged for an alarm activation that is not false. This ordinance allows charges for false alarms only.

Yes, you can pay for any fees due on your account via this website by clicking on the home tab and logging in with credentials initiated by CitySupport and secured by the alarm user. Montebello Police Department - Alarm Unit Website

Alarm user, Installation company or Monitoring company have a right to appeal any assessed fee

No Appeal fee required.

Alarm user, Installation company or Monitoring company must submit the appeal in writing within 15 business days after the receipt of notice of action setting forth the reasons for the appeal.

Appeal must be entitled “Appeal from Alarm Administrator’s Action”. Submit a written request/statement as to why you feel the charge and/or occurrence should be waived or removed from your account, along with any supporting documentation (police reports, alarm company documentation, etc).

*Submit via email using the Contact Us page or via email

*Be sure to include Permit License #, alarm location address, and incident date(s) in question.

Alarm Program Systems will forward all documents provided by the Alarm user, Installation company or Monitoring company to the City of Montebello’s respective designee to review and render the decision.

City of Montebello designee will inform Alarm Program Systems of any adjustments which need to be made on the account once the appeal decision has been completed.

We can be reached at (888) 865-9770 or you can email any questions to the alarm unit.